Need help with Long PCR

Mike Dalrymple dalrymple at
Tue Apr 18 02:45:42 EST 1995

In article <3mrmcc$1fo0 at> Sam Henderson,
shender at writes:
> I have been trying to amplify an 11 kb fragment from a
>plasmid using Stratagenes Taq extender. My primers are both
>33 nts each. I do the following PCR program.

Not really a solution but an alternative,... I tried the Stratagene
system without
success but got the Perkin-Elmer XL PCR kit to work FIRST TIME with 7, 9
16.8Kbp templates (all on the same gel, it looked great!!). Unfortunately,
I've not been able to clone the damn things yet!!

Mike Dalrymple

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