Plasmid graphics soft

Richard T. Timmer rttimme at
Tue Apr 18 17:09:52 EST 1995

R. John Lye (rjl6n at wrote:
: > Subject: RE: Plasmid graphics software...
: stuff deleted
: > Do you remember the price of the Windows version?  
: more stuff deleted

I believe that it was about $200-300 US.  You get a slight discount if 
you're a user of other software from S&E

: Also, could you please provide a vendor or source for this program.
: I'm about to buy something else, but would like to check out this
: program first.

S&E Software (Scientific and Educational Software)
P.O.Box 440
State Line PA 17263 USA

(phone) 717-597-5307

: thanks,
: John

Let us know what you think.

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