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Tue Apr 18 17:00:40 EST 1995

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> Andrew and netters worldwide-
> I understand it is the liver
> glycogen that is causing your
> problems.  I have used the GIBCO
> reagent Trizol to purify liver
> RNA with success.  Check it out.
> Re-purify dirty samples when necessary.
> Jean Schaefer
> jfs at
> Bayer Research Center
> W. Haven, CT

You might also consider resuspending your RNA in formamide (ref.  NAR 20:
3791-92, 1992.)  I do this routinely with many different tissues, some more
susceptible to degradation than others, with great success.  Formamide is
also compatible for use in the loading buffer for formaldehyde RNA gels,
and samples can be stored at -20oC rather than -80oC.  Good luck!

Cathy Aversa
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