Sufficient for pub?

Tue Apr 18 16:38:58 EST 1995

Being new in molecular biology work, I often ask rather simple questions,
but I hope others will gain from my ignorance.

I am asking whether I have sufficient evidence for the existance of a gene
in a species and if this evidence is sufficient for publication.  
1). we stimulated cells to produce mRNA.
2). We performed RT reverse transcriptase.
3). We performed PCR using a 20 nucleotide probe of a sequence same as mouse.
4). We ran on a gel and found-
  low amounts of signal for 0 hour stimulation,
  lots at 4 hour,
  moderate amounts at 8 hour,
  this closely approximates what is in the literature for mouse.

Is this significant evidence? Is this publishable? It couldn't be an
artifact could it?  Do we need to back up and do Northern or Southern
blotting using biotinylated probe?

As always I appreciate the encouraging feedback.
Gordon Betts
Biology Dept.
East Texas State University
Commerce, TX 75429-3011
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