DNA Storage?

Wed Apr 19 13:01:42 EST 1995

>	I have been debating the best way to store plasmids and 
>oligonucleotides.  In the past, I have stored DNA at -20, but recently I 
>have become concerned about the frequent freeze-thaw cycles that might 
>cause mechanical shear, particularly to the plasmids as opposed to the 
>oligos.  For the last several months, I have been storing all my DNA at 
>+4.  It is convenient to not have to thaw the DNA every time I use it.  Now 
>I am having second thoughts, I'm not having any obvious problems 
>with degradation, but I wonder if I'm going to have bugs growing in my 
>preps.  After all, DNA is a sugar.  Comments?  Experiences?
>L. Scot Bastian 
Anything such as DNA or antibodies should be stored where freeze/thaw
doesn't occur, i.e. in a freezer without an automatic defrosting cycle.  As
long as DNA is stored in aliquots so that you aren't repeatedly thawing
(i.e. only once or maybe twice) there shouldn't be a problem.
Gordon Betts
Biology Dept.
East Texas State University
Commerce, TX 75429-3011
The Today show did a story on people that complain.  Don't you just hate
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