Any opinions on Zap express and Lambda Zap for cDNA libraries?

john peloquin peloquin at
Wed Apr 19 10:51:37 EST 1995

Dear Netters,

I am considering a variety of phage insertion vectors for construction
of cDNA libraries. Some of the transcripts I'll be interested in will
likely be long (>7 kb) so the traditional lambda gt10/gt11 vectors may
not be good for these. I've been looking at Stratagene's offerings as
mentioned in the subject line above. I have used Lambda Zap libraries in
the past and, although I got what I wanted out of them, I found them to
be "wimpy" and not much fun to work with. Have things gotten better with
these vectors or are they still somewhat tempermental as compared to the
less modified gt10/gt11 vectors. What are your feelings/experiences in
the matter. I am not in anyway associated with commercial firms except
as a customer. Also, I have been quite happy with other Stratagene


John J. Peloquin
UC Riverside

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