Protocol for PCR straight from yeast colony?

ellenmq at
Wed Apr 19 19:13:18 EST 1995

There is a protocol for this in Supplement 25, Winter 1994 of the "Current
Protocols in Molecular Biology" "The Red Book Bulletin"

The title is Rapid PCR Sequencing of Plasmid DNA Directly from Colonies of
S. cerevisiae.  

If you do not have access to this book or the supplement I  could FAX
a copy to you if you provide me with you FAX number or alternatively I could 
mail it to you. 

Ellen Quardokus, Indiana University-Bloomington
e-mail ellenmq at

: In article <susans-010495113900 at>, susans at (Susan M. Sullivan) says:
: >
: >I need to verify if the plasmids that I transformed into my S. cerevisae
: >are correct.  I know that it is possible to pick a colony of yeast, lyse
: >it, and PCR amplify a fragment of DNA using the DNA retrieved from the
: >yeast colony as the template.  However, I do not have a protocol for this
: >procedure.  If anyone knows a protocol or where to find it please let me
: >know. 
: >
: >Thanks
: >
: >John Stebbins

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