Extraction of m13mp18/19 ssDNA

cynthia stryker cstryker at unlinfo.unl.edu
Thu Apr 20 17:46:58 EST 1995

Grow F' cels in any vol desired to OD600 = 0.3 & add helper phage at 
an moi of 20:1 (phage:cells).  Grow (at 37) for 30' and add Km to 
25ug/ml.  Continue growing for 8 h, heat to 65 for 15' & spin down 
debris.  Titer of super should be 10 to 11th to 10 to 12th pfu/ml.  
This is basically per Stratagene, see also Maniatis for more.  Cindy 
at UNL

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