Coexistence of lambda sensitive and resistant hosts??

Arul Jayaraman eaeg466 at
Thu Apr 20 17:24:11 EST 1995

I am working on lambda phage infection of E.coli.  My preliminary results 
show that almost 99.99% of the cells lose their viability after 3-4 hrs 
of induction(infection). Since the natural frequency of mutation (to get 
a resistant host) is around 10^-8 and lambda sensitive cells cannot grow 
during infection, we suspect that lambda resistant mutants dominate in 
the culture after induction. We do not know what proportion of the 
population becomes resistant to infection. What kind of criteria is 
required for coexistence of sensitive and resistant hosts?
I would greatly appreciate any help on this matter. Please email to 
chen at and/or arul at
Any references would also be of great help.
Thank you

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