RNA isolation from plants

Anthony Hall ajwh1 at leicester.ac.uk
Fri Apr 21 07:34:41 EST 1995


I am encountering difficulty in extracting pure RNA from the fern 
pteridium aquilinum.

The final pellet after differential ppt is very large and only
 slightly soluble. When the RNA is run out on a gel it looks
 OK. the spec however has no dip at 230. I think the contamination 
is due to polyscharides.Is there some way of getting rid of this
 contamination? Will polyscharides effect isolation of mRNA and 
reverse transcription?

I am currently using an extraction buffer NTES + PVP , and ppt RNA
with LiCl.


Anthony Hall,Leicester University.Dept Botany 
email AJWH1 at leicester.ac.uk

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