nonradioactive microsat detection

Fri Apr 21 10:09:05 EST 1995

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>Does anyone have experience detecting microsattelite loci with non-radioactive
>methods such as Dig, silver staining, or resolving on high percentage gels.
>I would like to hear about other peoples attempts with these methods as
>alternatives to radioactive methods or the Genescanner software.
>Thank you in advance,
>Maureen Purcell
>Purcell at
For the past couple of months we have been running PCR products from our
plant microsatellites (100-300 bp) on small non-denaturing acrylamide gels
and staining with EtBr.  Works quite well, but I'm not sure if we can
reliably detect 2bp differences.  The ultimate detection method is to use
fluoresently labelled primers and run on an ABI 373 with the GeneScan
Software - gives single bp sizing and automatic alelle calling.
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