Restrictionsite Search Program -suggestions requested

Niels Groot marker at
Sun Apr 23 08:20:18 EST 1995

Currently I'm developing a Windows program that will allow users to 
search for restrictionsites on DNA sequences (as in programs like DNASIS,
only more userfriendly and faster).
As a PhD student I have to work a lot with this sort of programs and
wasn't satisfied by the available programs (the one's to my knowledge).
Therefore I decided to write my own.
Besides plain searching the program will have some extra features as;

-primerdesign for a.a mutagenesis: automatically determine if there is a 
codonsequence with respect to the insert/substitution/deletion, that will
generate/delete a restrictionsite.

-design of mismatchprimer that will allow (large scale) PCR-based 
screening on a mutation by restriction analysis.

-determination of fragmentlengths of sequence cutted with specified 
enzymes (graphical display)

I would like to know if you have any suggestions on other usefull features
such a program should include.
Please respond by email since these suggestions will not really cover the topic of this 

Many thanks in advance,

Niels Groot
marker at

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