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> Net etiquette forbids junk mail as an expression of poor manners.  However,
> sometimes a new product announcement may be of widespread interest to many
> members of various groups.  What if: A group similar to this was set up for
> the express purpose of allowing companies to make product announcements and
> allow people to discuss the utility of these products.  WWW access similar
> to that available for other groups would allow easy searching also.  Perhaps
> someone from the product rep side would be willing to take on the task of
> moderator (if one is needed).
> Comments?


If <> and <> is an example of how a good idea
such as yours can get out of control, then I would recommend against it.
The problem on those two boards is that there is anxiety that employers
won't read the other board's postings so CVs are put on both "just to make
sure."  If you open this up to the new products, sooner or later some
agressive sales manager will insist that his devotees put the info in all
possible places, and this board will be swamped.

The info on new products that are useful will reach your desk soon enough
from scientists who have already tried them, and this will filter out some
of the vaporware that over enthusiastic companies would love to promote to
adventurous (read unsuspecting) customers.  Now mind you I am in the
business of selling useful products, but I really don't want a discussion
of them here until they are well tested (just my way of keeping my tension
level down).

Hope this doesn't sound too discouraging.

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