Wanted Contract Sequencing

ellenmq at ucs.indiana.edu
Mon Apr 24 23:52:02 EST 1995

I'll make the disclaimer now...I'm not affiliated in any way to the company
that I am mentioning below.

I recently looked futher into an advertisement I saw in Biotechniques for
a company called Sequetech. One of the things that caught my eye was that 
their "specialty" was direct sequencing from PCR products, although they
will sequence from most types of templates.

What struck me *after* reading the FAX from the company was that they 
seemed very willing to work with the researcher's individual needs and were
willing to discount depending upon the job and what was services were provided.

They have the capability of synthesizing their own oligos as they go and in 
cases 2 and 3 (below) any oligo synthesized in excess is included and will be
returned to the researcher in addition to various levels of sequence analyses.

I think that they would definitely be worth looking into if you had a big 
project to do and the money was available. They seemed reasonably priced
based on others I've seen.

Sequetech Corporation
2551 B. Casey Avenue
Mountain view California 94043
Phone 1-800-697-8685
FAX (415) 967-8542

I spoke with a representative named Neil Chin who  was very helpful and 
willing to FAX  further information about their services. 

Their services are provided at many different levels as I read in a FAX from
one of their representatives as follows:

1)Single Primer Extension Sequencing
	Price $130/Primer extension (Volume discounts available)

2)Single Strand sequencing

	Total price $0.95/Base Volume discounts available

3)Guaranteed Double Stranded Sequencing (Publication Quality)
	Total price 1.20 -$1.50/ basepair depending upon the specific project
	requirements ($400 minimum charge)

The results are provided as hard copies and on disk or via E-mail. All
sequences are strictly confidential.

Hope this helps and I'd be interested to hear if anyone has first hand
experience with this company.

Ellen Quardokus
Indiana University Dept. of Biology
e-mail ellenmq at bronze.ucs.indiana.edu

Gabriel Romero (ez008413 at dale.ucdavis.edu) wrote:
: Does anyone know of companies doing contract sequencing? I'd like to send 
: out to be sequenced some of the genes I'm characterizing.

: Thanks for any info on this. 

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