recombinant protein purification

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> > Hello Netters,
> > 
> > Sometimes ago somebody published a method to extract recombinant
protein overproduced in E. coli.
> > The method was based on the observation that the overproduced protein
is preferentially released
> > from the cells after some cycles of freezing/unfreezing. I have lost
the reference. Could 
> > somebody help me? 
 A method of extraction of recombinant proteins from E.coli by freezing
> and thawing is described in: Johnson, B.H., Hecht, M.H. (1994)
> BIO/TECHNOLOGY 12, 1357-1360
> Andrew Kalinski

They only showed data for proteins up to 28kD, and I suspect that larger
proteins were omitted purposefully; no such thing as a free lunch... if
you appetite's too large!
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