R.E. sites in Vectors

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Tue Apr 25 11:37:40 EST 1995

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>This message may seem like bitching however I need to vent.  Is it not
>resonable to ask that when someone creates a useful vector construct that
>the include all of the restriction sites in the published paper. Ok, all
>the sites may be too much, especially exotic strange cutters.  However,  I
>think that at least all the sites that are in the M.C.S of pBluescript and
>puc derivatives should be included.  Especially if the construct that was
>made is a tool that can be used to make several new constructs.  
>(Stuff deleted)
>Chris Yost
>cyost at acs.ucalgary.ca

Let me make a suggestion.  If a site is important for a cloning experiment
(either its presence or absence), then confirm it by cutting the DNA
yourself.  That way you know what you're starting with.  Corrolary:  Don't
assume that a sequence of a vector is correct, either.  

Stu Kuhstoss                              

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