Cracking Gels

Aaron Pawlyk aaron at
Tue Apr 25 10:56:16 EST 1995

Someone posted a message about 7M urea 0.8mm thick gels cracking during

I routinely dry 12M 0.8mm gels and have had no problems with drying.  What
I usually do is this:

Seperate one plate from gel.

Put on a piece of Whatmann paper on tope of the gel and then slowly peel
up from one side.  Place paper with gel on top onto drier, cover with 
saran-wrap and flap down the plastic top of the drier.

I dry under a vacuum from a vacuum pump (not sure how strong) at 80C.
I dry the gel for 45-60 min, then remove vacuum and uncover the gel and 
leave the heat on for about 5-10 minutes to remove any excess moisture.

Don't know if this helps.  I've also read that you can make the gel with
5-15% glycerol to help eliminate cracking.

			-- Aaron

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