How to improve transcfection efficiency ?

Martin Leach leach at
Tue Apr 25 09:11:07 EST 1995


the simplest method I found was to decrease the media that 
the concentration of DNA is higher!!
Using glycerol shock and lower culture volumes during 
promoter activity number jumped 8-10xfold

my promoter is pretty strong so I didn't need to go this high in the 



Toshiharu Ishizuka <isizuka at> wrote:
>Dear bionetters
>We intend to transfect plasmids to mammalian cells. Does anybody know 
some new drugs 
>or treatment like chloquine or glycerol shock,  to improve the 
transfection efficiency ? 
>We can use electroporation, lipofectoamine, and calcium phosphate 
>Any comments are O. K. Please teach me.
>Sencerely yours,
>Toshiharu Ishizuka
>Department of Biochemistry,
>Chiba University, School of Medicine

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