how to remove ATP from ADP?

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Wed Apr 26 17:53:10 EST 1995

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jiang at (Weiping Jiang) wrote:
> I need very pure ADP. Usually, commercially available ADP contains 1 to
2% ATP 
> as a impurity. I need high pure ADP in which the content of ATP is less than 
> 0.001%. How should do? 

If you have access to an HPLC then ion exchange HPLC would be your best
bet. If not you can separate AMP,ADP, and ATP on a DEAE-Sephadex Column.
Equilibrate in 0.1M  Triethylammonium Bicarbonate pH7.0. Elute with a
linear gradient of 0.1M to 0.7M Triethylammonium Bicarbonate. Moniter
absorbance at 260nm. Triethylammonium Bicarbonate is pH'd by bubbling CO2
into a solution of triethylamine. Hope this helps.

Rob J.


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