Quiaex - gel extraction kit

Mr SMNN Faruque s.faruque at miranda.umds.ac.uk
Wed Apr 26 14:08:08 EST 1995

People in my lab using Quiagen's new Quiaex][ kit to extract DNA from gels
have been complaining, first to each other then to Quiagen (a.k.a. Diagen)
about its efficiency (compared with QuiaexI).  All Quiagen seem to tell us
is to add more resin.  The use of more resin seems to be the major feature
introduced in the new kit (and also greater sensitivity to pH).

I've steered clear of it since I did a side-by-side comparison with the
simple but tedious "Filter thru' Fish Floss, phenol, phenol-chloroform,
precipitate" method and found it gave the same yield.

Has anyone else any experience with Quiaex][?



PS to Paul Hengen
Yes, you may be able to make a cheaper and more reliable version in your
own lab out of a few simple chemicals 
(see <URL:ftp://ftp.ncifcrf.gov//pub/methods/FAQlist>
, but my boss would rather I spent my time cloning stuff than saving him money.

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