Luciferase: Alternatives?

P. Friedl di58 at
Thu Apr 27 08:15:54 EST 1995

In article <D7MEAK.80G at>, amcshea at (Andy) says:
>OK this has got to be a tricky one.......
>        I am looking for another reporter in addition to luciferase and
>beta gal, but preferably not cat, rather with properties like luc, I have
>considered looking into these thermostable forms of luc as an extra
>marker but is there anything out there that has diferent emission or
>exitation characteristics (yet)? LOts of mutation has seem to have been
>tried but not much with this goal in mind at least. Any ideas?
>                Thankyou
>                        Andy
>amcshea at
>Another bloody awkward question from your friendly motorcycling

how about the GREEN FLUORESCENT PROTEIN (pictures show a green 
fluorescein-like fluorescence) ? Source: InVitrogen.

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