c-terminal sequencing

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Fri Apr 28 09:03:28 EST 1995

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> I may be interested in determining the C-terminal sequence of some delet
> ion mutants. I remember hearing that there is a facility at either
> U. Mass. at Amherst or maybe U. Mich at AnnArbor which will does this
> commercially. Does anyone know if either of these places does it and
> what their phone #/ fax # would be? Or, alternatively of another place.
> Thanks, Laura Lea

Dr. John Leszyk of the Worcestyer Foundation Microsequencing Facility may
be able to help you.  They were offering C-terminal sequencing using
derivatized PVDF membranes.  His phone number is (508)-842-8921, extension
392.  Fax:  (508)-842-9632.  John has done a moderate amount of N-terminal
sequencing of blotted proteins for us and we have been very pleased with
the results.

George L. Gerton
ggerton at obgyn.upenn.edu

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