DNA:Glass binding for 100 - 250 bp?

Kevin Pumiglia pumiglk at aa.wl.com
Fri Apr 28 07:27:03 EST 1995

In article <3ngqa1$add at bubba.NMSU.Edu>, dkim at nmsu.edu (Daniel Kim) wrote:

> Hello:
> I will be needing to purify small (100 - 300 bp) ds DNA fragments from 
> agarose gels for subsequent use in a PCR reaction.  I would like to use a 
> glass binding method, because I am familiar with the process.
> I am aware that binding in NaI is not efficient for small DNA fragments, 
> but I believe other chaotropes are not so constrained.  I think sodium 
> perchlorate is one of the salts that will allow purification of smaller 
> DNA fragments.  Is this correct?
> If so, does anyone have a procedure for using sodium perchlorate for 
> binding and recovery of small DNA fragments from agarose gels?
> Thanks.
> Daniel Kim

Try the "Mermaid" product from Bio101 (No affiliation).  This is there Gene
Clean procedure for small fragments.  I have used it with good sucess. Good

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