pGEXKG origin?

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Fri Apr 28 07:20:14 EST 1995

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> I've recently received a construct from a colleague that is based on a 
> parental pGEXKG plasmid, but no information on the origin (i.e. ORI) is 
> readily available.  Does anyone know where the origin of the pGEX family 
> of plasmids derives from?  BTW, this is a bacterial expression vector for 
> GST fusion proteins.
> Thanks very much.
> Bill Meikrantz
> Molecular and Cellular Toxicology
> Harvard School of Public Health

pGEX-KG is a derivative of the pGEX-2T orginally developed by Smith and
Johnson (Gene, 67:31-40  [1988]).  This vector incorporates a glycine
kinker/spacer between the thrombin cleavage site and the polylinker.  The
polylinker in this vector has also been expanded.  The origin of
replication is pBr322.  Details of its construction are found in Guan and
Dixon (Analytical Biochemistry, 192:262-267 [1991]).  Hope this helps!

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