Protocol for PCR directly from lambda plaques?

Hans-Martin Jack hjaeck at
Thu Apr 27 22:30:09 EST 1995

In article <pulanch.126.000D0894 at>, pulanch at (Paul E. Ulanch) says:
>I saw a post asking for a protocol for PCRing yeast colonies, does anyone have 
>a protocol for PCRing lambda plaques?  Thanks for any help.
>Paul "Goose" Ulanch
>Dept. Biochem/Biophys
>Texas A&M University
>College Station, TX   77843-2128
>(409) 847-9379

We are just preparing a small paper describing the direct PCR from 
eluted phage particles (Direct-Phage-PCR). 
I'll tell my postdoc to fax or E-mail the protocol and the sequence of 
lambda forward and backward primers.  

Please E-mail the fax number, because I don't know if we can transfer a document yet.


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