Neomycin resistance gene and gene knockouts

Klaus Salger salger at
Fri Apr 28 14:47:46 EST 1995

Steve Hopkins (shopkins at wrote:
: We have some IL-4 knockout mice that have had their gene inactivated by 
: insertion of a bacterial neomycin resistance gene. This is a fairly 
: standard procedure and I wonder if anyone could direct me to information 
: about the sequence of the gene that is used. We are trying to understand 
: the reason for an odd PCR product we are getting from the DNA of these 
: mice.
: Thanks
: Steve Hopkins

There are 2 transposons that code for neomycin resistance. Both are
in the EMBL database.
Tn903: Acc# V00359
Tn5:   Acc# U00004

(If the promoter driving the neo-resistance is too weak or the neo
concentration too high you have perhaps selected for transformants
that carry more than one copy of your vector.)


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