pGEXKG origin?

Jim Woodgett jwoodget at
Fri Apr 28 09:01:23 EST 1995

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(William Meikrantz) writes:
> I've recently received a construct from a colleague that is based on 
> a parental pGEXKG plasmid, but no information on the origin (i.e. ORI) 
> is readily available.  Does anyone know where the origin of the 
> pGEX family of plasmids derives from?  BTW, this is a bacterial 
> expression vector for GST fusion proteins. 

It sounds like its the vector constructed by KunLiang Guan in Jack Dixons lab 
(Anal. Biochem 1991, 192, 262-267).  We use this vector at lot.  It's based on 
pGEX2T but has a polyglycine insert in the polylinker which improves the 
thrombin cleavage efficiency (at least for some fusions).  It also has some 
extra restriction sites.  The original pGex vectors (1, 2X and 3T) were made 
by Smith and Johnson (Gene 1988, Gene 67, 31-40) and are commercially 
available from Pharmacia (there are now about 8 of these).  You'll find all 
the info you need in the two references and the Pharmacia catalogue (you can 
get the sequence from Pharmacia for their various vectors as well).



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