DNA sequence needed: pBK-CMV

John Ladasky ladasky at leland.Stanford.EDU
Fri Apr 28 12:35:26 EST 1995

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Chia Jin Ngee <mcblab47 at leonis.nus.sg> wrote:
>Hi There!
>I need the DNA sequence of Stratagene's pBK-CMV plasmid. Can anyone direct
>me to any source on the net or anyone can email it to me. 

	A few months ago, I took the pages out of the Stratagene Zap Express
instruction booklet that have the pBK-CMV sequence, and scanned it in to a
computer.  I haven't exhaustively proofread the resulting file, but I think
I cleaned it up pretty well (you know that OCR programs always make a few 
mistakes).  I compared the restriction fragment locations given by Strata-
gene to the results I got with a nucleic acid analysis program.  I chose ten
enzymes at random, and my results matched Stratagene's table exactly.

	If you want a copy of this file, email me.  I can send it as plain 
text or as a GenBank file.

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