DNA extractin from gel HELP

Mary P. Remington mremingt at umabnet.ab.umd.edu
Sun Apr 30 11:30:41 EST 1995

Have you tried BA 45 nitrocellulose and the high salt, low salt elution?  
This entails cutting the agarose and inserting the filter paper into the 
gel slit and electrophoresing the DNA onto the paper.  Then using salt to 
elute the DNA.  There is also the dialysis tubing method.  Cut the gel 
with the band and put into a small piece of dialysis bag with 1X TE.  
Put the bag with gel slice and TE into the gel box buffer and turn on 
current.  Run until all DNA is out of the gel slice.  Reverse the polls 
to remove the DNA from the side of the dialysis bag and remove the TE 
with a pipet.  Try to do this in a volume of ~300-500ul of TE.  You then 
have to phenol/chlor and EToH precipitate.  These are some methods I have 
used in the past.  Hope these methods help.  If you need more detailed 
protocols drop me a line and I'll get some references.   Mary

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