RT-PCR and gels

Gordon Betts betts at orion.etsu.edu
Tue Aug 1 14:25:59 EST 1995

Bohnemeier at ukbf.fu-berlin.de (Holger Bohnemeier) wrote:
-stuff deleted-
> For my part it is a waste of time if you intend to detect your RT-
> efficiency by another way than PCR. The interesting cDNA may have
> so low concentrations that you are not able to prove its existence
> simply by pipetting your post RT sample on a gel.
> An alternative might be performing the RT with labeled specific
> primers. But talking about saving money I guess you would spend
> more in labeling than in performing a PCR.
> Bye!

OK, but in RT I am using either oligo-dT or random primers.  Won't
this result in ALL mRNA being RT'ed and getting lots of cDNA regardless
of whether the transcript I'm looking for is there?

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