CAT assays and phosphoimagers...

Traci Roth ez015890 at
Tue Aug 1 14:56:02 EST 1995

batu erman (erman at wrote:
: Hi,

: 2) can one get the components from other companies anti-CAT, anti-CAT-DIG,
: DIG-POD, (I think I heard that a company called 5'-3' ?? also makes the
: kits, does anyone have a phone number for them?)
: Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

: Batu Erman

Dear Batu,

	I used the CAT-Elisa kit from 5'-3' with good success.  Their 
number is 800-533-5703.

Good Luck,

Traci Roth Yerby Ph.D.
Dept. of Human Physiology
School of Medicine
UC Davis

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