Recommendations for software to support small sequencing project

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Tue Aug 1 17:56:47 EST 1995

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>i thought i'd add my 2 cents to this thread.  i have gotten demo versions
>of both v 2.0 and v.3.0 of Sequencher and have had excellent results.  the
>price is in fact relatively low when compared with something like
>GeneWorks which this lab currently and hatefully uses.  although i'm not
>sure of it yet, i think that we might just spend our GeneWorks update
>money on buying a copy of Sequencher instead just to have a program that
>doesn't freeze, crash or delete data every other time you use it.  

So, we're not the only lab with an un-used copy of GeneWorks sitting on
the hard disk! I get furious when I think about the $ we spent on this
program and the updates. I'm going to exercise some self-control and
refrain from a major diatribe.

Michael Myers
The Laboratory of Genetics
The Rockefeller University
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