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 >Does any one know of a reporter vector (luciferase, CAT, and/or B-gal)
 >that contains the pBR322 (pMB1) replicon?
Hi Richard,

Have you considered the pRS series vectors?  They are pBR322 based operon 
and protein fusion vectors with the ability to move them onto the E. coli 
chromosome on a lambda prophage.  The reference is: Simons, R.W., Houman, 
F. and N. Kleckner. Improved single and multicopy lac-based cloning vectors
for protein and operon fusions. 1987. Gene. 53:85-96.

This system works really well, especially once you get to single copy.

Dr. Simons address (from the Gene paper) is:
Robert Simons
University of California, Los Angeles
Department of Microbiology
5304 Life Sciences
Los Angeles, CA  90024
Office: 	(203)-825-8890

Good Luck, let me know if you have any questions.

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