Recommendations for software to support small sequencing project

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> ucklw08 at (Dr Alexander J Annala) wrote:
> >
> >We are searching for a software package (preferably PowerMac based) for
a a small sequencing project.  Our sequencing files are gen=
> erated by an ABI373.  The package should allow sequence editing &
display the chromatogram.
> >User friendliness (particularly for non-computer users) has high priority.
> >We have tried ABI Navigator, ABI AutoAssembler, DNA Star, and MacVector
> You use two key phrases:  PowerMac and user-friendly.  I immediately
think of Sequencher 3.0, recently rewritten for the PowerMac by=
>  GeneCodes, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI.  It is specially designed for
sequencing projects.  I have v. 2.0, and run it on my IIfx.  I have s=
> pent only a minute or two reading the manual, and it does what I want. 
It's not cheap, though.  I think it's $1,200 or so.  Gets hi=
> gh ratings from the mags, though.

i thought i'd add my 2 cents to this thread.  i have gotten demo versions
of both v 2.0 and v.3.0 of Sequencher and have had excellent results.  the
price is in fact relatively low when compared with something like
GeneWorks which this lab currently and hatefully uses.  although i'm not
sure of it yet, i think that we might just spend our GeneWorks update
money on buying a copy of Sequencher instead just to have a program that
doesn't freeze, crash or delete data every other time you use it.  

also, i have gotten personal e-mail answers to questions from Howard Cash,
the head of GeneCodes whereas i'm damn lucky to find someone at IG's tech
services who can say anything other than, "that shouldn't happen."  (FWIW,
this has happened 2 separate times, not great service for the huge
investment we made in that software compared to not having bought anything
from GeneCodes and getting e-mail answered within the hour.)

i have no connection to either Intelligenetics or GeneCodes.


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