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Wed Aug 2 11:38:11 EST 1995

hfang at (Hung Fang) wrote:
> Hello there: 
> Our lab. is interested in buying a PCR machine. We'd like to buy 
>one like Biometra's Trio Thermoblock which one can run three 
>different program at the same time. The problem is Biometra's 
>machine are quite expensive, we are wondering whether any other 
>companies making tri-block or twin-block PCR machine. Any 
>information or personal experience on this will be very helpful 
>for us and will be very much appreciated.

We are also about buying a thermal cycler, at this moment my 
personal favourite is MJ researchs "DNA-engine", because it claims 
to cool/heat 3° per second !!! Further more it features two 
independent blocks for 0.2 or 0.5ml vials or slides .

On the other hand i have not yet tested it (but I soon will).

if anyone out there has, let me know

Bernhard Mayr
Medizinische Hochschule Hannover
Dept. Clinical Endocrinology
email: ndxdendo at

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