More on Boomerang DNA Amplification

Paul N Hengen pnh at
Wed Aug 2 12:12:38 EST 1995

A little while ago there was a brief discussion on this group concerning the
Boomerang DNA Amplification (BDA) process that Kevin Ahern
(ahernk at invented. [Kevin: If you read this, check your e-mail!]
Since the technique is difficult to describe in words, Kevin allowed us to see
a diagram of the process by sending a BinHexed version by e-mail, or by sending
a fax to anyone interested.  I then put the diagram as different formats at my
ftp site for people to grab.  I thought this was such an interesting topic that
it should be described somewhere, so one of the next TIBS columns (September
1995 issue) is dedicated to this and similar amplification techniques:

author = "P. N. Hengen",
title = "Methods and reagents - Vectorette, splinkerette,
and boomerang {DNA} amplification",
journal = "Trends in Biochemical Sciences",
volume = "20",
number = "9",
pages = "???-???",
month = "sep",
year = "1995"}

I've since made a new diagram (IN COLOR) to be included with the TIBS article
and I am making it available to everyone through my ftp site. People who would
like a sneak preview of it can use anonymous ftp to and look
in the directory pub/methods/boomerang. There you will find Figure 1 for my
column as figure1.cdr (CorelDraw), figure1.gif, figure1.tif, and

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