Gradients with automated DNA sequencers?

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> Hi Netters:
> Does anyone use (or know of) wedge gels (or other gradient configurations)
> used on an ABI sequencer (or other DNA sequencer with a fixed sensor 
> position)?  I'm writing a grant proposal about gradient systems in 
> DNA sequencing, and am under the impression that they aren't applied
> much to automated sequencers.  Am I misinformed?
> Steve Hardies, Assoc. Prof. of Biochem., Univ. of Texas HSC at San Antonio
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Why would you want to use a wedge gel in an ABI sequencer? The only point
of a wedge is to slow down the lower MW fragments in the wedge, so they
don't run off the bottom of the gel while you're resolving the higher MW
fragments. On an ABI sequencer you want the fragments to fall off the
bottom of the gel after they pass the sensor.

Tom Chappell
MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology

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