apology/expalanation re: TIBS post

Eric C. Anderson anderson at pharmdec.wustl.edu
Wed Aug 2 11:10:45 EST 1995

To all:

I am writing to explain and apologize for a statement that I made
regarding Dr. Paul Hengen's July TIBS article on His-Tag protein
purification.  In a reply intended to go to a single individual whom I
knew (but mistakenly sent to the entire group), I made the following

> i am the person mentioned in the TIBS article (i.e., the one who did all
> the work and got none of the credit, but never mind that).

This was written in jest and intended for one individual.  I never meant
to state or imply that Dr. Hengen did not give me credit for the work I
did (and that he subsequently wrote about), nor give the impression to the
BIOSCI/bionet community that he would "steal" protocols, ideas,
procedures, etc. and publish them under his own name.  I do not believe
that he would do anything of this sort and I apologize for implying that
he might.

I have personally benefitted from a number of suggestions which Dr. Hengen
has offered both in this group and in his column and find them to be
beneficial, interesting, well written and insightful.  I would like to
take this opportunity to encourage people posting to this group to
continue to contribute ideas and protocols to both this group and to Dr.
Hengen if he deems them of particular interest to the TIBS readership and
decides to include them in his column.  If asked in the future to
contribute a protocol for the column, I would gladly do so with no

Eric Anderson

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