infor. on PCR machine

Jan Oliver Koch kochj000 at
Wed Aug 2 23:27:49 EST 1995

hfang at (Hung Fang) wrote:

>Hello there: 
>Our lab. is interested in buying a PCR machine. We'd like to buy one like Biometra's Trio Thermoblock which one can run three different program at the same time. The problem is Biometra's machine are quite expensive, we are wondering whether any other companies making tri-block or twin-block PCR machine. Any information or personal experience on this will be very helpful for us and will be very much appreciated.

We bought a Biometra Trio Thermoblock about a year ago. It is running
all day (and night) and we never had a problem. It is said that
Pelletier-cooling elements do not live very long, but so far
everything is ok.


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