Library screening alternatives?

Steven Sullivan sullivan at
Wed Aug 2 19:11:12 EST 1995

Anton Scott Goustin (asg at wrote:
: sullivan at (Steven Sullivan) wrote:
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: >It's been some years since I screened a lambda gt11/cDNA library, using
: >the tried-and-tru (but labor intensive and slow) plaque hybridization
: >method -- I'm wondering if in the interim any cool new (e.g. PCR based?)
: >methods have arisen to make library screening quicker, easier, etc. 
: >
: I don't find screening to be a drag.  It's rather fast if you have a good hot probe, 2 days from plating to picking the plaques.  Th=
: e problem for me is lambda purification. 

Well, I meant the *whole* process, including the dreaded plaque 
purification step.

 That takes time, especially if you like crowded plates (50,000 plaques
per 150 mm plate), = : which requires secondary and tertiary
purifications, and then--DREAD!--growing up a good-sized high-titer phage
stock for DNA purifi= : cation.  Remember, to get 1 µg of 2 kb insert you
need 20 µg of pure recombinant DNA.  I find it very easy and convenient to
pop out= :  the inserts using PCR.  New England Biolabs sells forward and
reverse primers for lambda gt11 flanking the Eco RI site (24-mers).  = :
They work easily, especially if the insert is not cut by Eco RI, allowing
a very quick shuttle from phage->PCR product->EcoRI-cut PC= : R

do you worry at all about fidelity of the PCR product?

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