Consultant company stalks this board

Giorgio Spagnol spagnol at
Thu Aug 3 05:22:12 EST 1995

In article <DCG0C9.Dts at> Paul N Hengen,
pnh at writes:
> I think this is a common ploy. When we have commercial shows at NIH, the
> salespeople (?) line the halls and trap you into answering by asking if
you run
> gels. Hmmmm...novel thought, eh? One time a salesperson stood between
me and
> the door and asked "Do you do lab work?" I replied, "No, I'm here to
buy a new
> car." Her jaw dropped and I left through the door while she tried to
think of
> something to say next.

Why be so contemptous against salespeople? After all we all depend on
them. I do not think there is anything bad in doing oneself's job.

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