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Thu Aug 3 10:30:43 EST 1995

Soon Paik <paiks at> wrote:
>Aardraa Potnis wrote,
>>How do you get rid of background bands of 18s, 28s RNA on the >northerns??
>>I have used all kinds of stringent conditions and still have them !
>>Please help!
>How about treating the blot with RNase during the wash step?
>Soon Paik
>Lombardi Cancer Center


Unless you're sure your probe is a 100% match with your required RNA sequence ! This is an idea used in RNAse protection assays and works well only under the conditions required for these assays. If you're not set up to do RNAse protection assays, keep RNAse well out of the way of your Northerns !
Nigel Kenward

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