Summary of strataclean prep protocol

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Thu Aug 3 19:21:12 EST 1995

lidaniel (lidaniel at wrote:
: The core silica gel particles (Fractosil 500, 230-400 mesh) were washed
: sequentially with dilute nitric acid, distilled water, and high purity
: methanol  and then dried in a vaccuum oven. These cleansed particles were
: heated with aminophenyltrimethoxysilane in a mixture of isopropyl alcohol,
: water, and acetic acid. This polymerizes a thick layer of aminophenyl silane
: on the surface of the particles. These particles are treated with sodium
: nitrite in sulfuric acid at 0-5 degrees to make the diazonium salt and this
: is  heated in sulfuric acid to decompose to the phenol. Now you have phenol
: bonded particles.- Anal. biochem. 181,66-74 (1989) Let me know if you try it.


How about just using phenyl-sepharose from pharmacia?  One this scale I bet
it would be cheap.

Mike Morales    

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