Non-radioactive Southerns and northerns-help

S. L. Rennie rennie at
Thu Aug 3 12:23:07 EST 1995

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"Mary P. Remington" <mremingt at> wrote:

> I need some input on non-radioactive Southerns and northerns.  What is 
> available?  Are the protocols easier or more difficult than hot 
> protocols?  What type of membrane is used with the non-radioactive 
> protocols?  Please respond via email as I'm in a hurry.  Thanks, Mary

I know Boehinger-Mannheim has kits for this (its their cause of the
decade??) but I've never had a chance to try it as your probe needs to be
made with their
tag chemical on the end......apperently it works very well though and all
the reagents are supposed to be able to be stored for 2 years or so....
worth a try to contact them, they are VERY eager to help.  I don't think
the protocols are any harder just different.

Good luck 

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