pET vectors, good or bad?

Iain Wilson wilson at
Thu Aug 3 03:28:25 EST 1995

> Perhaps my opinion here is a bit colored by the years of frustration while
> working with the pET system, by I have to stick with what I wrote above.  I am
> not saying anyone should stay away from pET vectors based solely on my exper-
> ience.  I have been collecting complaints from this very net, however, to send
> to my old boss.  I have collecyed about ten complaints so far.  I'd be willing
> to bet a few others will have more to say on the subject in response to Mike
> Holloway's original query yesterday...
> 								-Jeff

I would just add that in my previous lab, we got good results using
pET-16b with a transmembrane-domain deleted mannosyltransferase. With
the His10 tag were able to immobilise the enzyme in an active form
on His-Bind resin with no refolding. Perhaps we were just lucky ...

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