Cloning "Long Range" PCR products

Gamal E. Osman, Ph.D. gamal at
Thu Aug 3 14:53:19 EST 1995

I had a very positive experience with long PCR frgments. I was able to 
clone 5 and 8 Kb PCR fragments without any problems using a T-vector 
from Novagen [pT7Blue(R), FAX # (608)-238-1388, Madison, WI, USA]. 
However, I have no idea whether or not this strategy can be used for 
cloning >10 Kb PCR fragments. If you have any sucess,please keep me 
Good luck!
Gamal E. Osman, Ph.D.
University of Washington,
Dept. of Molecular Biotechnology,
Seattle, WA 98195, USA

email address: gamal at    

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