mtDNA specific PCR primers

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Fri Aug 4 07:59:59 EST 1995

In article <3vnfgh$3d4 at>, at (Henk Pennings) says:
>In protoplast fusion experiments between onion (Allium cepa) and leek
>(Allium ampeloprasum)  we are looking for PCR based methods to distinguish
>the mitochondrial DNA from both fusion partners.
>Can someone help me out with DNA sequences to develop specific PCR primers
>or with literature references ?
>Thanks in advance,
>Henk Pennings.

We are working with human mitochondrial DNA, too.
We found it tricky to find the right primers for our purposes. That was the 
reason, we started to develope our own primer design program.
First it checks the total mtDNA for repeats. Based on that result 
it will find primers that avoid this repeats. It looks for primers only in
so called unique regions. 
It is tailored to meet the conditions for the tricky mtDNA.

You can find it at my www-site.
It would be nice if you give any feedback to the program.

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