Video Photodocumentation of gels

David J. Evans d.j.evans at
Fri Aug 4 03:23:38 EST 1995

We used the UVP Grab-IT system and bought a camera. stand and printer 
separately - and saved a of of money doing it like this.  The 
instructions are poor (well, OK, non-existent) but it's easy to put 

We've also tried both the Stratagene Eagle-Eye and Bio-rad systems - both 
of which are OK (the former is particularly nice).  However, there is a 
price premium - the Stratagene is about twice the cost of the system we 
finally installed.

I should add that we have our frame grabber in a networked computer so we 
can print (to thermal or laserprinter), save to disk, manipulate the 
image (e.g. via Photoshop) etc.



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