Summary of strataclean prep protocol

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[Recipe for resin deleted]

>How about just using phenyl-sepharose from pharmacia?  One this scale I bet
>it would be cheap.
>Mike Morales    

I don't think that these would be equivalent.  From what I understand of
the procedure provided the result is a matrix with *phenolic* groups exposed
(with -OH) whereas the Phenyl Sepharose uses the -OH to couple to the matrix
so leaving a *benzyl* group exposed.  Hence the recommendation of Phenyl-
Sepharose for hydrophobic interaction chromatography (and for some proteins
it works really well).  I don't know of any commercial chromatography matrix
that's equivalent to StrataClean (and since Stratagene hold the patent....).

On a related note, Pharmacia used to give a protcol for DNA purification
by FPLC using a MonoQ column (anion exchange).  Has anyone tried this,
with good results eg. for plasmids?

(Not affiliated with Pharmacia - 
  but I am a satisfied FPLC user  - okay Dr. Frasca !?)

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