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>> I think this is a common ploy. When we have commercial shows at NIH, the
>> salespeople (?) line the halls and trap you into answering by asking if
>> you run gels. Hmmmm...novel thought, eh?

| Why be so contemptous against salespeople? After all we all depend on
| them. I do not think there is anything bad in doing oneself's job.
| Giorgio.

I'm not against salespeople, some of my best enemies are salespeople ;-), but
the silly approach which gets old REALLY fast after, say, the first few dozen
times. It's like calling someone up and asking if they use a long distance
carrier. At NIH, or at ANY institution for that matter, there are a lot of
intelligent (oh, did I spell that right?) people. This kind of ploy is very
insulting. So are the little candy jars that are an obvious attempt to hold
you in front of the display for that extra 3 seconds...gone for the
for the kill...Pounce!  Want to make a sales pitch?  Please be a little more
creative...maybe a dunking tank, or a car raffle (must include mailing address
and company), or a free logo smeared T-shirt for people who can afford their
own clothes ;-)

All right, I'll stop blabbing...sheeesh :-)
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